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    It means that you'll be able to make better decisions, faster. You'll have access to the latest technologies, and you'll be able to compete with the biggest names in your industry.

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    Our Use Cases


    PantryOn is a useful, no-nonsense app built to simplify your grocery shopping process, minimize time spent grocery shopping, and maximize time spent doing something you truly enjoy. Many of us tend to forget what we need to buy as soon as we enter the supermarket. People are tired of multiple trips to the grocery stores after a long day at work. Founders of PantryOn decided to create a one-of-a-kind high-tech kitchen solution for pantry management - app-enabled smart shelves that would allow users to monitor frequently consumed household items straight from their mobile devices.



    Shopperlocal is a Canadian company that helps people to reduce the cost of living while supporting the local business community. One of the main reasons people shop at big retailers is their cashback program. Competition is hard on small businesses. And the founders of Shopperlocal put forward the goal to build an industry-leading application that would support local businesses and reward customers. WebcentrIQ was chosen as a technological partner.



    iBroadcast is for people who collect their own music that they will listen to on other streaming devices. App created for those that like to have their own music collection. A web player using public API which allows users to login and view their library while playing music.



    Healthcare professionals need to proceed through a rigorous credentialing process in the United States. Credentialing is how a healthcare organization verifies the qualifications of the medical practitioners they want to hire. One of the main challenges that people experience in the credentialing process is the sheer amount of information that needs to be gathered. Health practitioners and administrators must comply with numerous mandates specific to medical specialization, practice location, and facility type. Medical credentialing is expensive and inefficient in the US because tools are outdated. The legal stakes involved are critical, as facilities face potential closures if each file is not correctly processed. The frustration lies in the amount of time and resources spent on tasks that could be automated. And founders of Eddy planned to develop a platform that would automate the healthcare credentialing process.



    Core banking modernization is crucial to keep pace with a fast-evolving market. However, there is considerable operational risk involved due to the transformation complexity and the potential disruption of day-to-day operations. A core banking system is a back-end system that processes banking transactions across the various branches of a bank. It includes deposit, loan, and credit processing. These systems perform mission-critical operations and constitute the backbone of the bank’s IT infrastructure. As such, the company was looking to modernize its core banking system (CBS). Founders of the credit union viewed core replacements as a necessity that can no longer be ignored. They wanted to make banking processes more convenient for existing and potential customers.


    why webcentriq?

    We belive that digital innovation has to be part of each organization no matter the size and industry.

    Webcentriq is where software development enables digital innovation and makes digital transformation possible. We are a team of experienced software developers, data scientists, digital marketers, and UI/UX designers who love to think outside the box and tackle digital transformation challenges.

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    "The most impressive aspect about WebcentrIQ was their quality of work and what they delivered."

    Co-founder & CEO, Odora LLC

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    "They were quick at understanding our requirements."

    CEO, Financial Services Startup

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    "Their desire to get everything done correctly was impressive."

    Owner, GOSMICK

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    "One thing I really like about WebcentrIQ is that they treat every product as though it were their own."

    CEO, Legacy Cruises and Events

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    "They completed the project two weeks sooner than I expected, which was huge for me."

    CEO, Customer Loyalty Program

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    "They’re just a good, solid provider."

    Founder & CEO, 1brand

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