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How mature is your organization when it comes to digital marketing, inventory management, sales funnels, call center, and other lines of business?

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Is your organization compliant with existing and future data regulations? How does this impact your business? Are your organization's data flows durable now and will be as the industry is moving towards cookie-less? Let us help you find out!

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We know how hard it is to find the right platform/vendor that can be compatible with your organization's marketing and advertising ecosystem. Webcentriq digital innovation team interviews different vendors and finds the best fit for your organization.
Data collection, ingestion, transformation, and activation require innovation to be compliant and at the same time effective.

success stories


Healthcare professionals need to proceed through a rigorous credentialing process in the United States. Credentialing is how a healthcare organization verifies the qualifications of the medical practitioners they want to hire. One of the main challenges that people experience in the credentialing process is the sheer amount of information that needs to be gathered. Health practitioners and administrators must comply with numerous mandates specific to medical specialization, practice location, and facility type. Medical credentialing is expensive and inefficient in the US because tools are outdated. The legal stakes involved are critical, as facilities face potential closures if each file is not correctly processed. The frustration lies in the amount of time and resources spent on tasks that could be automated. And founders of Eddy planned to develop a platform that would automate the healthcare credentialing process.



Core banking modernization is crucial to keep pace with a fast-evolving market. However, there is considerable operational risk involved due to the transformation complexity and the potential disruption of day-to-day operations. A core banking system is a back-end system that processes banking transactions across the various branches of a bank. It includes deposit, loan, and credit processing. These systems perform mission-critical operations and constitute the backbone of the bank’s IT infrastructure. As such, the company was looking to modernize its core banking system (CBS). Founders of the credit union viewed core replacements as a necessity that can no longer be ignored. They wanted to make banking processes more convenient for existing and potential customers.



Build transparent and secure eCommerce platform for lumber products

Developing a successful relationship with a lumber vendor can be a tricky business. Even after a customer has decided on a type of wood and calculated the dimensions, it takes patience to get the material that will make the finished project sing. A reliable supply line is essential to any manufacturer of wood-based products. The goal here is to get as holistic a picture as possible of the lumber dealer’s business. Founders of Lumber Click identified a need for a digital platform that would connect lumber suppliers and buyers. They were looking for a technology partner that would demonstrate market knowledge and lead them through the development process.